apply for admin
  • STEAM ID: 1:0:718596534

  • Nickname: vip

  • Age:14

  • Gender: male

  • Country: malaysia

  • Discord Username + ID: FORCE LEE#2204

  • Experience Level: 100%

  • Average amount of hours on the server you applied for: 3-4 hour for some reason i played other game, maybe 4-5 hour

  • Total played time on the server: 138.7 hours

  • Provide a introduction about your life such as hobbies, studies etc. as well as your motivation for applying on our server: im studies,i love every counter strike zm game. i love zm game so much and i will protect this server as long as im gone.
       i want to be admin back because, i love my friend and toxic gamer server.i would like to meet all admin on discord and server. If you dont accpted me i dont care and thank you for bring nice to me..
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