[Accepted] Report Hacker ZE
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  • Cheater Nickname : PrOdIt l CrAzY BrOtHeRs

  • Cheater Steam ID : STEAM_1:0:1855392868

  • Cheating Evidencehttps://www.mediafire.com/file/9h825g0ia...t.rar/file

  • Cheating Kind : AimBot

    PS : This Player is known for nicks like F T W (team clan) Prodit , or PRODIT .. , i upload 2 demos which shows clearly that he was aimbot and guess what too , admin Mijail400 was there too and he was teaming with him and he didn't ban him .. My brain will rest in peace if i know justice will be realized on servers and admins do their jobs and ban these hackers and cheaters ... at the final i will let the decision to you high staff , hope you do the right thing and keep servers clean from hackers & cheaters. My best regards <3 :) 

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This player is Permanently BANNED.
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