[Under Review] ADMIN Apply in server ZE
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  • STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:4206950 

  • Nickname: ÐîźžῨ

  • Age:-17

  • Gender:- Femel

  • Country:- Algeria

  • Discord Username :i don't have discord

  • Experience Level:- almost 37

  • Will you be able to donate our community every two months?: maybe i can 

  • Have you made the first donation?: Nope

  • Average amount of hours on the server you applied for: 9 hours daily

  • Total played time on the server:  2 weeks or more

  • Provide a introduction about your life such as hobbies, studies etc. as well as your motivation for applying on our server: I like to play cs 1.6 , specially ze servers. I like playing cs . since I started playing on Toxic Gamers ZE , i like it .

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ZE➡DR #Admin
Good luck, but you have to donate to be able to apply

and be in discord:


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i Will ^^

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Why you didn't join our Discord server until now?
Also why you did not make your first donation?
Be ensured that non-qualified application leads to declination directly.
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