[Accepted] Request for lifting the ban
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NNicknames in the game:ARMAGEDON Is A NOOB
Steam identification :STEAM_1:0:1319040266
Country : France
Age : 22
Prohibited length: permanent
Reason for prohibition: hack
Reason for unfreezing:I didn’t cheat and I will always abide by the rules.Please lift my ban.Thank you  :SOS:

I moved a little slowly, but I didn't break the balance of the game by using cheats. You know, this is vac's extremely secure server. I can't even get into the server by using cheats, and I've been playing on this server for a long time. I've been playing death run most of the time. My previous name was Banneed. You can ask ASH and Scream. Both of them are my good friends. I didn't cheat, so I beg to lift my ban.

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After investigating in your case we found that this were done by misunderstanding.
Your ban is lifted now.
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