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  • STEAM ID:STEAM_1:0:2121249410

  • Nickname:TrIcKySmG

  • Age:21

  • Gender:Male

  • Country:Macedonia

  • Discord Username + ID:TrIcKySmG#3009

  • Experience Level:idk how to see that but 17/29 achievments unlocked

  • Will you be able to donate our community every two months?:No

  • Have you made the first donation?:No

  • Average amount of hours on the server you applied for:56,7 hours

  • Total played time on the server:2 days,10 hours,20 minutes/56,7 hours

  • Provide a introduction about your life such as hobbies, studies etc. as well as your motivation for applying on our server:My hobbie is football,and i applied to this beacuse i love this server and also beacuse there are a tons of hackers when admins are not online.Thats why i'd like to be an admin.

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Without a donation you cannot apply admin

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