[Under Review] Few suggestions :-D
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DeathRun #Admin
Map suggestion:

deathrun_3sixty_beta4-one of the hardest deathrun
map(I suggest anyone finish this map should be rewarded with some cash)

Plugin suggestion:

amx_music - Where admins can play songs to players
or,radio plugin,whichever is better for server

Timer-Should be giving also some cash for those ones that finish on first 3 places on /best

I also suggest that server should be change from money to points,there are many of the plugins for deathrun server that are moderated with points.

VIP-I think if you extend from 7 to 10 days,it will show more interested of them to boost.In this few days many of players asked me what is the duration of VIP when they boost,when they hear it is 7 days only,they are not interested again.

I hope some of this my suggestion will be accepted.

Let Toxic be no.1 Deathrun server on this world! ??

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