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I'd like to announce you all that we have created our donation system on site.

How to donate us? , Follow the following steps:
  • At the homepage of our website, click on drop-down right menu, at the top of page.
  • Then choose from drop-down menu, > "Donate"
  • Have a look at the following photo:
  • [Image: Donation.PNG]
***Donation System URL***

***Important Notice***
  • All donations are spent on the community, So if anyone would like to donate for supporting us, It would be appreciated.
  • By supporting us by donating, Means that our community will keep continuing.
  • All donations are non-refundable.
FYI, We only accepts PayPal as payment method in Donation System.

Q. Is there any Gift for donating?
  • Yes, There is a new rank is called "Donor", with it's own colors, effects, special stars, On user profile.
  • It will be given automatically for who will donate our community, After donation confirmation the rank is given instantly.
Enjoy. :)
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