DeathRun Chat Commands
th3_king Away
That's all our DeathRun server chat commands:
  • [Rest Score] To reset your score, say /rs.
  • [@VIPs] To open vip menu, say vipmenu in chat.
  • [@VIPs] To change your skin, say /skins.
  • [@VIPs] To hear special musics, say /music.
  • [Rock The Vote] To start vote right now, say rtv.
  • [Unstuck] To unstuck, say /unstuck.
  • [Gamble System] Increase your cash by writing gamble 'Cash' in console.
  • [Achievements System] To unlock achievements, say /ach. 
  • [Rules] To avoid any punishments, say /rules. 
  • [Information] To check server kills information, say /svinfo. 
  • [Boost] To become VIP in our unique Deathrun server, say /boost. 
  • [Runners Top] To check runners top, say /best. 
  • [Expire Date] To check your vip expire date, say /expire. 
  • [@VIPs] To disable trail, say trail off.
  • [Camera] To enable/disable 3D camera view, say /cam.
  • [Invisible System] To invis all players, say /invis.
  • [Steam ID] To check your Steam ID, say /steamid.
  • [Spectator] To go to spectator, say /spec.
  • [Knife-System] To upgrade your knife, say /knife.
  • [T-Assistant] To be Terrorist, say /t.
  • [Duel System] To start duel, say /duel. 
  • [Rock The Vote] To start vote right now, say rtv.
  • [@ADMINS] To open Admins Powers Menu type pm in console.
  • [Top-15] To check cash top15, say /top15
Enjoy! [Image: Smile.gif]

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