Alien vs Predator Mod!
th3_king Away
We would like to announce you all that there is new unique update in our Zombie Escape Mod,

Alien vs Predator Mod

[Image: AvP_tg.png]

Mod Idea:
  • Alien have his soldiers & Predator have his soldiers.
  • Soldier have his Leader: (Alien Or Predator -- Depends on his team).
  • Soldiers helps their Leader to win & survive.
  • Also soldiers kills soldiers. (Soldiers of Alien & Soldiers of Predator).
  • Alien & Predator kills on themselves until one of them dies. (Winner is decided by killing Alien Or Predator).
  • Alien have his special gun & Predator have his special gun.
  • Soldiers of both teams have their guns.
  • Soldiers can't kill the leader of other team, They only can damage Leader and help their leader to win.
Mod Details:
  • Alien HP: 5,0000
  • Predator HP: 5,0000
  • Alien's Soldier HP: 15,000
  • Predator's Soldier HP: 15,000
  • Alien & Predator Multi Jumps: Three (3)
  • Soldiers Multi Jumps: Two (2)
  • Alien & Predator & Soldiers Have Parachute: Yes ()
  • Mod Rounds: One Round. (Because one round takes a long time in ending..)
  • Mod Map: ap_latest - Only activates on this map. FYI, In Zombie Escape Maps, This Mod is disabled!
That's a simplified explanation of our new Mod,
Lastly, Enjoy! Hoooraaay

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