[Under Review] Report Cheater In server ''Zombie Escape''.
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Nickname: katakuri

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:20271498

This guy use kind of cheats '' Bunny Hopping '' to move faster and closing doors/ Destroying, And call helicopter without wait his teammates // And killing Humans Quickly with it.

This some proofs: https://www.mediafire.com/file/xkbg5jggh...s.rar/file
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The provided proofs is not obvious.
And you must record demo and attach it as proof.
If you don't know how to record demo in your game, Then follow the following steps:
  • Open your console and type on it, record + Name of demo you are recording (Example: record Cheating_Proof)
  • Spectate the player who is cheating.
  • For stopping the recording, Type in your console stop.
  • To run the demo in your game (As testing), Type in your console playdemo + Name of demo you chosen during recording. (Example: playdemo Cheating_Proof)
  • The demos are recorded in cstrike folder, So you can copy the demo file you recorded! To attach it on the report.
This report will be putted [Under Review] until you provide us Demo includes obvious proofs.

Thanks for your report! Smile

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Great report. Too bad you lost the last game and the Countersliver one; wouldve been sweet to read of the Top 8. Still, a solid run and a guaranteed Bardo-level report.

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Oh. Well, I guess I really am a noob, and so is Joe. He was the one who pointed out my so-called "mistake" after the game. Thanks for setting me straight.

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I dont know about the name, but I dont see how this deck is better than the straight up elves combo deck you can play. This deck goes provide more potential answers b/c of survival, but is it really better?

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