All Admin Commands!
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Here is it all the Admin Commands to let all new admins know:

>> Chat Commands <<
!revive @all (Not required any examples.)
!revive Player Name (Example: !revive Player)
!switch Player Name S,C,T ( S = SPEC & C = Counter-Strike Terrorist & T = Terrorist ) -- Example: !switch Player T
!slay Player Name (Example: !slay Player)
!slap Player Name Damage Amount (Example: !slap Player 25)
!ban Time Length in Minutes Player Name Reason (Example: !ban 1440 Player Cheater)
!kick Player Name (Example: !kick Player)
!vote "Anything you want to vote about!" "YES" "NO" (Example: !vote "Change Map?" "Yes" "No")
!votemap Map Name (Example: !votemap deathrun_32green_beta2)
!gag Player Name Time Length in Seconds (Example: !gag Player 1800)
!ungag Player Name (Example: !ungag Player)

>> Menus Commands <<

To use Special Admin Powers With Menus, Type in chat /pm

For using all the most of last chat commands in menus, Type in console amxmodmenu

That's all the Admin Commands in our Deathrun server.

Enjoy All! Smile

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Be assured.

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