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[Declined] apply for admin
      • STEAM ID:STEAM_1:0:541254627
      • Nickname: Ukasha
      • Age:11
      • Gender:Male
      • Country:Pakistan
      • Experience Level:Experience Level: Playing cs from over 6 years. Won 1 cs1.6 tournaments with my school team at state level
      • Average amount of hours on the server you applied for:-6 hours, Amount played on server 1 day and 16 hours
      • About Me: my name is Ukasha, I  am not really a big sports fan but i love Gaming and i am on my schools gaming team and i really like it
      • Motivation: I have noticed that there are not any Admins on when i play in the morning and yesterday there was a guy promoting another web and spamming it in chat and when he was told to stop it he started swearing and it was disturbing everyone so i don't want anything like that to happen in the server again and fix the time gap when other admins are not on.thanks I hope you apply admin.
    • Thanks for reading.

thats a copy of my application
You Are not active at all take your time and apply again once you are qualified
  • copy past. RED!

Hahaha playing since 6 years? You mean when you were around 5? Such big liars.. don't even deserve to get a second chance

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