Zombie Escape Mod Rules!
That's all our Zombie Escape Mod Rules, you must follow it to not get punished also there is rewards for following and respecting rules.

** Zombie Escape Mod Rules **
  • Stick together with your team
  • Don't block your friends from moving.
  • Don't call helicopter fast, wait your team friends.
  • Don't close doors over your team friends.
  • Defend hard with your team to win.
  • Don't glitch and kill your friends if you can.
  • Don't cheat.
  • Don't insult any player or admin.
  • Don't advertise any other server/website in our server.
  • Breaking any of these rules will result you in permanent ban.
That's all our Zombie Escape Mod Rules, make sure that you are following it..
Good Luck!

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