report with evidence
I reported some time ago with report cheaters and and I got some kind of warning..
Now, I have a demo from the server witch player who use speed hack cheat, There was another one but he came out..

Nick: Toxic*Gamers-ZE_Heart
SteamID: STEAM_1:0:439710119
Status line: # 8 "Toxic*Gamers-ZE_Heart" 6304 STEAM_1:0:439710119   5 17:03


When an admin enters or stops cheating or exiting from server.
-Is this enough proof that I'm not lying? -.-

-I can not upload it here (.zip and .dem)
  • The type of file that you attached is not allowed. Please remove the attachment or choose a different type.
After checking the attached proof, seemed that your report 100% real.
Due of that your report got Accepted!
Permanently Ban Issued!
Thanks a lot for reporting! Smile

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