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Hello, I am Ozan I 'd like to be an Admin on Toxic-Gamers Zombie Escape

Because I Love the Server [Image: Hoooraaay.gif]
And I Wanna Become Part of the Team
And Help the Community [Image: Heart.gif]

STEAM ID: STEAM_1:0:536812171
Nickname: Offical Ozan
Age: 15
Country: Germany
Info: Sir th3_king You can Message me Anytime you Want because I have time but I still Have School etc. and if my Application Getting Declined Then I tried my Best

I Most play on the Server 1-2 Hours and Having Fun [Image: Hoooraaay.gif] 

I Would be More Active when I am an Admin and it's Annoying when People are Destroying Bridge or Something Else.

Contact Me!

DISCORD: ozangamer99#6879
E-Mail: [email protected]

Your Ozan.  [Image: Smile.gif]

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Congratulations, You got Accepted! :)
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