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[Declined] Adminship aplly
Bomb Bomb Bomb
I want to thank you for making a part of it i want to apply for Admin on the server at deathrun i read all the rules and i am clear with them and i will apply as the rule says on the server will be fairly regular and it will not ruin anything, it will only fix the server .
My Steam Id Its : STEAM_1:0:410514364
Age : 19
NickName Cs : [I]za[t] [k]ha[n]
Gender : Male !.
Activity on the server : 9-10 Hours
Country : pakistan
City : karachi 

If you can accept this application I would be very grateful and one if not.
I will play again on the best deathrun server in the world
I want to watch Rank 1  Heart Heart
its my apple its copy and paste WTF !

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