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Glitchsword - MindOfM4rt1N - 02-15-2021

this issue has been around recently on the ze server and its definetly a glitch or bug that needs to be fixed. There is a glitch where sometimes
the lightsaber knife and the vip sword kinda fuse, and you cant activate the sword's ability, it goes from 600-1200 damage to breakables to 15 damage to breakables, especially during bossfights where you really need the sword's ability but you cant activate it anymore due to this bug.
For example: you get infected or you miss the helicopter and d!e that round, the next round, you have a very high chance of getting this glitchsword
and it gets very thrustrating when you have to esentially use the lightsaber instead of the vip sword. hope this gets patched as soon as possible.