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Instant Buy ADMIN/VIP - th3_king - 07-30-2019

We would like to announce you all that we have released our instant activation for buying ADMIN/VIP.
At home page of our website, Scroll down a little bit and you will find at right side --> "Buy ADMIN/VIP"
You will click on "PayPal Check out" Logo,
Then you will get redirected to our new shop system.
The following image clarifies the previous steps:
[Image: shop.png]
Our new shop system URL:
In our shop page, You will select which plan you would like to buy,
Then you will need to enter your details after selecting your plan, Then you will be redirected to pay through PayPal for the selected plan you have chosen,
If payment succeed your plan will get activated instantly.
**Warning** Any abuse of usage admin powers from our shop system, You'r admin access will get terminated instantly and you won't get refunded + permanent ban.
Enjoy! :D