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DR Admin Power - Brimstone - 03-29-2019

Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:1662181806
In game Name:Brimstone
Experience Level: I have been playing CS 1.6 3 years with pauses.
Average amount of hours on the server you applied for: I have been playing this server 11h 36m and i m online 1h per day or sometimes 5 hours online.

RE: DR Admin Power - th3_king - 04-09-2019

You got Declined!,

Due to the following reasons:
  • You are not qualified yet.
  • You did not read all the rules!
  • Wrong Steam ID
  • You just played 11.36 hours. And it requires to be played 30 hours.
When you are qualified!, So you can apply once more again. OR ask for another review of your Application.

Good Luck[Image: Smile.gif]