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Posted by: ROY_PURDY - 08-18-2019, 12:38 PM - Replies (1)

Please stop the ban 
I have a lot of friends out there, and I love the server. 
Please give me. Unban

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  Report for glitch and speed boost
Posted by: CyberFX - 08-18-2019, 07:35 AM - No Replies

Player user some glitch and speed boost, look demos to see what is this..

#22 "Madara Utchiha  ︻デ=一" 11883 STEAM_1:0:630026292  8 16:33  195    0


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  Report speed hack
Posted by: CyberFX - 08-16-2019, 05:36 PM - No Replies

#20 "WinSTon !" 5292 STEAM_4:0:99529156  3 07:13  87    0
-is currently on the server

demo: https://www.mediafire.com/file/0ezseozuw...1.dem/file

Second problem is:

#27 ".::{G}a|M|e{R}::." 5365 STEAM_1:0:396263042 18 10:11 112


goes against the team all the time


I don't know if what he can do is possible, but he certainly has some speed boost (it gets acceleration out of pure peace)

#18 "папа" 5590 STEAM_1:0:23250338 5 29:35 212


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  Admin Application
Posted by: 2pan - 08-15-2019, 06:57 PM - No Replies

  • STEAM ID: STEAM_0:0:2894695

  • Nickname: ЊЉШЖ ツ (Right now, but I will change it)

  • Age: 22

  • Gender: M

  • Country: Macedonia

  • Discord Username + ID: 

  • Experience Level: 5 ( In the past i owned a server, and I have been Admin on  6 + servers ( 4 years ago) 

  • Average amount of hours on the server you applied for: 3-4 during the day and at least  1 during the nights. On the server i have 30 + Hours.

  • My aim is to make the server better, boost it to have more players and control the cheaters and players who promote other Communities. If I can speak in some way to the owner I have few suggestions that will make the server more "attractive".

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Information Instant Buy ADMIN/VIP
Posted by: th3_king - 07-30-2019, 09:40 PM - No Replies

We would like to announce you all that we have released our instant activation for buying ADMIN/VIP.
At home page of our website, Scroll down a little bit and you will find at right side --> "Buy ADMIN/VIP"
You will click on "PayPal Check out" Logo,
Then you will get redirected to our new shop system.
The following image clarifies the previous steps:
[Image: shop.png]
Our new shop system URL: buy.toxic-gamers.net/shop/
In our shop page, You will select which plan you would like to buy,
Then you will need to enter your details after selecting your plan, Then you will be redirected to pay through PayPal for the selected plan you have chosen,
If payment succeed your plan will get activated instantly.
**Warning** Any abuse of usage admin powers from our shop system, You'r admin access will get terminated instantly and you won't get refunded + permanent ban.
Enjoy! Hoooraaay

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  Admin Apply
Posted by: Homicide - 07-30-2019, 08:36 PM - No Replies

  • STEAM ID:STEAM_1:0:763515853

  • Nickname: AstritKr

  • Age: 15

  • Gender: Male

  • Country: Kosovo

  • Discord Username + ID: dont use one

  • Experience Level: 31

  • Average amount of hours on the server you applied for: 10 to 15

  • Provide a introduction about your life such as hobbies, studies etc. as well as your motivation for applying on our server: Gaming

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Posted by: joelcampos - 07-29-2019, 07:15 PM - No Replies


  • Apodo: [LG] //<<JOELITO>>//

  • Edad: 20

  • Género masculino

  • País: ecuador

  • Nivel de experiencia: Tengo 16 años de experiencia de contraataque que incluyen captura normal de la bandera, plaga de zombis y Zombie Escape.

  • Cantidad promedio de horas en el servidor que solicitó: 8-9 horas al día activas
        Me comprometeré a hacer cumplir las reglas y hacerlas cumplir ya que quiero ayudar a la comunidad a seguir creciendo.   [Image: Angel.gif]

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Information Achievements System
Posted by: th3_king - 07-27-2019, 12:03 PM - No Replies

We would like to announce you all that we have released our new achievements system for our Zombie Escape server,

  • To unlock achievements, say /ach In-Game chat.
To check our achievements page, Please click here:

Achievements System

Enjoy! Hoooraaay

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  Apply for Admin
Posted by: Hitler - 07-22-2019, 09:54 AM - Replies (1)


  • Nickname: Hitler

  • Age: 17

  • Gender: Male

  • Country: Lithuania

  • Discord Username + ID: xbhy#9818

  • Experience Level: 30

  • Average amount of hours on the server you applied for: 18 i guess

  • Provide a introduction about your life such as hobbies, studies etc. as well as your motivation for applying on our server: Friendly, helpful, like boxing and flying with planes, now im in summer training with planes on contest  so i think i will be able to doit on studies im working only with my body becauze i was fat but now   im good im glad Sexy

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  Admin Apply
Posted by: Reis - 07-14-2019, 01:36 AM - Replies (1)

ID de vapor STEAM_0:1:423481037
Age 17
Sexo masculino 
País :portugal
Eu joguei este servidor pela primeira vez em 2018 no cs warzone eu tinha cerca de 30 horas. Eu posso jogar 3-5 hours per day
Eu nunca fui admin e não sou administrador em nenhum ze
Eu tenho 80/100 experience
Eu sei muito amx comands (I play every Day ze and normal with bots i use hook amx super etc) 
Sobre meus hobbies im em 11° year. I want to stude programing languages  and Sometimes I play some football. Im in holidays and I play 5 hours every Day except saturday
Estou tentando o meu sortudo

About discord KRATOS#3114

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